My book project „24 Stunden“ (24 hours) includes a total of 24 books, each visualizing one hour of the day. Each page of the books represents one second of the day and is marked with the respective time according to the page number. (1 day = 86400 seconds = 86400 pages) Every minute is marked by a longer page. At the intersection of each hour to the next, the book can be put together to form a circle, creating the image of a clock. However, all 24 books could also be put together chronologically.

The books have different uses. On the one hand, they function as a kind of calendar and offer the opportunity to record moments and experiences, tied to a very specific time. This can be very precise since every second has a page. This means that experiences are not arranged according to their date, as usual, but according to their time. Viewed over a long period of time, this can result in interesting timelines.

On the other hand, the books can be used as a kind of stopwatch or timer. It takes about as long to turn the pages as the time indicated on the pages. Once the process of measuring has been completed, you only need to read the time on the current page. A certain inaccuracy in the range of seconds is to be expected here. The book spine with the ruler printed on it can be used as a tool for measuring object.

Last but not least the books also function as tools to pass the time since they can be used as rearrangeable toys. Whether disconnected or assembled as rings, the books offer numerous possible uses.

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