The project „Membranes of Dissent“ wants to fight for more tolerance of ambiguity in society, which is the ability to accept ambiguity, uncertainty, and insolvable contradictions, to endure them, and to act openly, and fairly accordingly. The desire to divide things into categories and sort them into black and white reduces diversity and an open approach to one another. My flag installation wants to counteract this. I have dealt with aspects that consItute ambiguity and how it can be anchored more in society. The flags present demands for ambiguity and ways to achieve it. In that sense, they are unambiguous statements about ambiguity and reveal a tension between unambiguity and ambiguity. I place the demands in the context of demonstrations and protests, which are known to be about very clear messages. For my installation, I want to build up the tension between unambiguity and ambiguity even further. To achieve this, I work with unambiguous demands, but in turn, I want to imbue them with ambiguity, so that the statements are not clearly readable, in a way, they have to be decoded first. That way, the flags themselves are meant to put one's own tolerance for ambiguity to the test.

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